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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Well, it is now January 2012. I can't believe it already. So this year I have a few goals in mind. Not sure how they will unfold but lets work on them. 1st I would like to get this house organized as best I can. Pinterest and Sew Many Ways have had some brillant ideas that I will be trying to put into effect here. 2nd I want to start eating healthier and exercising. We are going on a cruise January 2013 and I want to wiegh much less than I do now. 3rd my community service project for the year is going to be sewing doll clothes and quilts to donate to cloth and quilts ( local quilt shop new my home). Every year for Christmas they put together 18 inch dolls with 2 outfits and jammies and a quilt and bag and donate to children in the area. I want to be a part of this. So I will use scrap fabric and have a good time doing it. I do have 2 large quilts I will be workin on as well. One for my Aunt Sandy and one for Ciera.
I will make sure to keep you all posted on my progress. Thanks and Happy New Year Everyone!

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